Wednesday, 16 December 2015

What to buy a crafty person for Christmas.

So as my title says this post is a good idea of what you can buy a crafty person (okay probably just me really) in this last run up to Christmas.
Because I'm a dork I'm making it ALPHABETICAL BECAUSE I CAN!
(please note I didn't take any of these pictures, I googled things and copied URL's)


A - Applique scissors. Also known as duck billed scissors these babies make trimming the edges of applique a doddle.
B - Buttons. You really can't go wrong with buying people buttons. Spot some cute buttons in a shop, buy them, scour etsy for vintage buttons or a button tin, I mean sure a Quality Street tin works just as well but let's face it we always want more tins to put our buttons in.

C - Chocolate. We need something to keep our strength up while we are sewing/knitting.

D - Dylon. Can't stand listening to your resident sewer complain about how they can't find cotton lawn in a shade of pale lemon, well now you can throw dye at them and hope they don't turn the cat a funny colour.

E - Embroidery thread. So it might just be me but I love embroidery threads and have big plans of adding my own designs to patchwork quilts and other things I can hold down long enough to sew on.
F - Fabric money - Can we say kaching! This can be in the form of a gift voucher, cold hard cash or a surprise trip to a favourite fabric store, either way a sure fire way to get Christmas kisses.

G - Gutterman's thread. This stuff is the bomb and also a tad pricey. So buying the sewer in your life a pack of these babies will make you the best person EVER! 

H - Home alone. No not the movie. One of the things I see most often on blogs is a wish for people to sod off and leave the sewer to sew. Knitters want to knit in peace. Take the kids or yourself if you don't have kids and give the crafty person a good three hours of peace and quiet.

I - Interfacing. Seriously we go through this stuff very quickly. I prefer iron on in thin and medium, I've not had a need for any thicker. Go with a few meters of both and bobs your uncle.

J - Jewellery. There's a tonne of great sewing or knitting related jewellery out there and very few women can say no to something shiny (if they hate jewelry please ignore this item). 

K - Knitting patterns. If your knitter keeps them organised it won't be too difficult to figure out what's missing. Same goes for knitting books, check out Amazon and look for something recently published, chances are you'll find a few gems your knitter will truly love.

L - Lint roller. Maybe a little weird a gift and definitely a stocking stuffer but these things are so great for picking up loose hairs, stray threads all those things that can make a finished product look less than pristine.

M - Money. Okay so I've said money before but there are often things we would love to own that people just don't see as gifts. When your own money goes to food, bills and gin money you often go without the little things you really want. So money in the form of a voucher is really a thoughtful gift.

N - Needles. Whether it be fancy knitting needles, a pack of 100 sewing machine needles or a case to put needles in all needle related gifts are gratefully received.

O - Overlocker. Also known as a serger this machine is the bees knees when it comes to finishing items and sewing knit fabrics. A rather expensive gift this is probably not going to be a good surprise gift because your sewer will want to choose their machine. Trust me on this.

P - Patterns! I can't stress this enough, we love hoarding patterns. Chances are you won't know where to start so it's best to ask your sewer for a list of patterns they have been wanting. Or if you feel lucky try ebay and etsy and search for vintage patterns.

Q - Quilts. I enjoy sewing and knitting whilst sat in front of the TV, in winter this gets quite nippy so a lovely quilt in my favourite colours will go down a treat.

R - Rotary cutter and extra blades. Great for cutting fabric these will always be a welcome gift.

S - Sewing box. I constantly run out of places to put all my sewing bits and bobs, I have two sewing boxes but it's really not enough. Another box would be lovely thanks.

T - Tea. Not a fan of coffee I love a good brew, well I am English after all. Tea related gifts are always welcome! Especially if they're sewing and or cat related too. 

U - Unusual yarn. Shut up I'm totally not running out of ideas. Etsy has some pretty yarns in funky colours, a great gift in my eyes.

V - Vacations for sewing. Seriously you can go on a sewing holiday. Google it and click buy. Send to me. Or ya know your sewing enthusiast (who I bet would love for me to come along as well).

W - Weaving loom. It doesn't have to fill a room there are plenty of lap looms that are just as good for learning to weave.

X - Okay I admit, I've got nothing, so lets keep moving and if you can think of something let me know!

Y - Yarn winder. This is something that is definitely on my wish list, buying yarn is all well and good but it often comes in not so easy to deal with skeins that need to be wound into a nice ball. Except doing that by hand is a ball ache. Pun totally intended. This handy device makes everything better and there's less swearing in the house, yay!

Z - At this stage it's safe to say I'm tired and running low on ideas. Zombies are always unpopular at Christmas time, they try to attack guests and as much of an animal lover as I am giving me my own zoo wouldn't be the best idea.

Anyway, hope my list helps someone this year. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.



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