Tuesday, 27 October 2015

I bought an overlocker!

Hey guys long time no blog, working really took it out of me!

I got paid from my temp job (sadly over now but it was fun while it lasted) and I decided to treat myself to an overlocker. I've been wanting one for ages now and while I had money I bit the bullet and pressed buy!

I first however called sewing machines direct to ask if they included threads with it, they do, so I ordered online and just got the confirmation it will be delivered tomorrow!

So what did I buy?

I decided to spend a leeetle bit more money and bought a higher end overlocker the Brother 3034D.

Isn't it precious! A bouncing baby boy!

£239 pounds of my hard earned money later and I regret nothing! Normally when I make a large purchase I dither, I panic and I wonder if I'm doing the right thing. NOT THIS TIME BABY! (Sorry, not sorry, for shouting)

I'm giddy with joy, I can't wait to sew knits without swearing like a sailor on shore leave. I can't wait for neat hems and seams and did I mention knits! 

I love my walking foot but let's face it it's slow and changing the foot is annoying and I tried using a twin needle and nearly threw the machine out of the window in frustration. 

I'm currently watching youtube videos on threading the beast and magical things that overlockers can do. 

I also have some clothes to show you...um, probably this weekend as Cal has a job that keeps him away during daylight hours (damn you daylight savings!) and I keep forgetting to take pictures. So yeah this saturday I'll have stuff to show, yay! 

Anyway I'm going to leave you gorgeous people with this question, what do you sew on your overlocker?



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