Friday, 14 August 2015

I knit socks, why, because screw you that's why.

I knit my first pair of socks.

I'm feeling particularly proud of myself. Excuse me if my smug starts to show.

I used acrylic yarn. Sock yarn can be hella expensive and I didn't want to pay through the nose and then discover sock knitting is boring.

It's not by the way, it's totally addictive! I cast on a second pair yesterday. Again in acrylic but my sock yarn hasn't arrived yet.

This pair was from a free pattern called Beginner Worsted-Weight Socks for Magic Loop, Toe-Up or Top-Down It was a totally easy pattern and the author of said pattern has a load of videos on her website to help you along if you get stuck. Perfect for beginners. I did a different cast on because I'm a rebel, I used a Turkish cast on from this YouTube tutorial
Why did I choose a different cast on? I'm a derp and the magic cast on was coming out wonky because the top stitches are backwards so the instructions tell you to knit into the back...of course my brain chose that moment to be all "what the fuck man, this is looking wonky" and I refused to register what I'd read. It wasn't until after I'd finished the socks I figured out what that meant. 

My second pair are coming along nicely and I used Judy's Magic Cast on for the toes and it's pretty funky and fun to do.

Same yarn different colour. I'm going to try a different bind off too, mainly because my wool needle has vanished and it's hard to do the suggested bind off without a needle. So unless I can find it soon I'm trying a stretchy bind off I've found through the magic of Google.

So this is me signing off with a quick question to all you sock knitters, what's your favourite cast on and bind off?

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