Thursday, 7 May 2015

but... worse, Sally could have survived, and gone on living with this horrible scar on her face, and some long, lonely, miserable life...

Yo peeps, wassup? I hope everyone had a relaxing bank holiday and even though the weather wasn't brilliant still had a kick ass time.

Today in Britain is the day of the General Election, this is not a political blog and I don't intend it to become one, I just hope everyone 18 or over used their vote!

As you can see I went out and voted.
Then I took the blog photos. Priorities, I have them.

I made this dress sometime in January...didn't finish it...ripped it apart and shortened the bodice...didn't finish it...finally hemmed it around four weeks ago.

The thing is at first I wasn't sure I liked how the skirt fell. The fabric is quite stiff and the skirt sticks out, something I didn't care for. Then I went to Windsor and needed a suitable dress to wear.

This is me outside the coolest building in Windsor, it's actually that wonky, your eyes do not deceive you.

As you can see I didn't wear tights and though it was a bit breezy out my legs were fine. Okay I confess I'm wearing tights today because I haven't shaved my legs, nobody needs to see that.

The cardigan is the Miette Cardigan by Andi Satterlund.

I did a FBA on the bodice and as I mentioned shortened said bodice by an inch. I think I overdid it on the FBA as it's a bit too baggy but hey it's a learning process. 
I also shortened the skirt, about eight inches maybe? This was off the shortest skirt length too. The pattern is one from 1975 so I assume every woman was eight foot tall back then.

Style 2181, a dress made for giants. DEATH BY SNU SNU!

The next one I make will have a slightly different collar, this is a bit too Saturday Night Fever for my liking.

About the only other change I made was omitting the sleeve cuffs because I didn't have quite enough fabric and also I really couldn't be bothered adding cuffs. It's a simple double rolled hem and it works for me.
As you can see some of the buttons are closer together but I had to add that bottom button or there was awkward gaping. I also re-did that bottom bit a million times and all hyperbole aside I still couldn't get it to look right. Oh well I'm sure I'm the only person who even notices it.

I've worn this dress a few times now and it's really comfy and looks great. I feel I've come a long way in my sewing skills and though I have a lot to learn I'm much more comfortable making changes to patterns to get a better fit. Also that is one neat and beautiful hem.

Still some gaping around the back, Cal says I have a slight sway back so I will adjust for that next time.

Holy carp Pam is wearing make-up! I'm normally too lazy to wear it but today I felt like doing the dress some justice and plus I do love my bright red lipsticks.

So there we are, the dress. It's taken me long enough to sew, finish and blog but I'm proud of how it looks and I know it will get worn a lot.

As for the cardigan like I said this is the Miette cardigan, a free pattern by Andi Satterlund, it's a simple knit and looks great. I used super cheap and nasty yarn to make it as I've never completed a knit before and I'm broke and all. One day I'll knit it up again using super gorgeous yarn but for now this will do. I was seriously impressed by the pattern, it was definitely beginner friendly and it looks really cute. I could have made it a little shorter as I'm short body and long legs but hey, it's another learning curve. Once I have money I will buy more of her patterns as they are all stinking adorable!

Also if you're wondering about my pictures looking different I used an editing technique from Sydney of The Daybook, a super cute fashion blogger with both amazing style and gorgeous hair.

That's all from me, have a great rest of the week and have a fun filled weekend!



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