Sunday, 8 March 2015

Oh do go on, you have me in stitches

Hey guys did we have a hip and happening weekend?

I know I did!

I've been busy in my lair of solitude plotting evil schemes and doing what I do every night...trying to take over the world of course. Or ya know, a splash of crochet, a soupcon of knitting with a dash of sewing.

This tasty recipe will mix up to give me a rather fetching wrap dress a la The Great British Sewing Bee's Sew Your Own Wardrobe, an adorable Miette Cardigan from the amazingly talented Andi Satterlund and an equally adorable chevron lace cardigan by Milobo

My crochet skills are mad rubbish so it could take me a while, I've more experience knitting but I'm still slow so these might take until next winter to finish...hence the reason I started them now.

I have the bodice of the wrap dress finished, I just need to sew the skirt and make magic with binding and it's done. I'm really not sure why I was so scared to sew with knits, with the correct tools it's very simple. I'm hoping I'll have the dress finished by tomorrow evening, keep your fingers crossed for me. For now though here's a sneak peak of what we have so far.

Check out my mad phone skills and my in laws beige carpet. (no pets obviously)
I saw this lovely double knit in Walthamstow Market and knew I wanted it to be a wrap dress, I bought three metres because a) it's cheap at £2 a metre and b) I also want to make a cardigan out of it. Ya see I planned ahead there, check me out with my mad planning skills.

This weekend though was mostly spent knitting this.

Stole this from the ravelry website, I only wish this were me.
I don't knit. I knit scarves but they're not imaginative. Then I saw Roisin rocking an adorable knitted cardigan and suddenly I wanted to knit one.

Yes, I'm that sort of person.

So I went to Ravelry and searched for something easy and found this. Turns out it's by the same person who designed the one Roisin had made...Roisin had also made a few of the above cardigan...clearly Roisin and I are sistahs from another mistah...*ahem*

I bought the required yarn (well a cheap alternative, I'm poor and wary) and needles and on Friday started knitting. This evening I'd completed 39 rows. This might be the most dedication I have given to a knitting project EVER! 

The pattern was easy to read with one or two blips that were easily explained with the help of old mother Google. I'm super excited I might actually have a wearable garment from this!

So that's the happening in Casa Pam Sews, what about you guys? What WIPS do you have going at the moment?
Has a blogger inspired you to create something new?
How much do you want Roisin's shoe collection?



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