Monday, 2 March 2015

Bite my shiny metal daffodil!

Hey guys how’s it hanging? I've had these shorts waiting to be photographed for ages now but the weather was just grey or raining or grey and raining, fun combo! Also laziness happened.

I hope everyone had a great weekend, mine was quiet and I got a little bit of sewing done but mostly it was spent watching Netflix and snoozing. 

I had my first comment which was pretty thrilling, it makes me feel like I have actual people reading my blog which is totally cool!

So what have I been up to since I seemingly vanished off the face of the earth. Well for those who follow me on Instagram you will have seen me put up hints of some pretty funkalicious shorts. I know because winter is just the best time to sew shorts right? As I’m a girl who loves to wear shorts with tights or leggings I pretty much turn my nose up at convention and do what I like, I’m a rebel yo.
Mixing patterns like a boss.
When I saw the monsters as robots fabric online at TheVillage Haberdashery I immediately knew they would be shorts. I didn’t have a pattern and I’d never sewn any kind of pant like garment before but it was screaming to become shorts. 

A quick Google search later found two options, some cute Japanese style wrap around shorts or the very cute sailor shorts. I tried following the instructions for making the Japanese shorts and I must have gotten confused somewhere because they were fucked up. You would have seen bits of me I only allow Cal (and the occasional doctor) to see.

The horror, the horror!
Plan B it was and a quick toile later I knew I could make these shorts. Without the lips, yeah the lips are not my style.

I wanted to tone down how boy it was and so I bought some gingham bias tape online and found these really cute gingham buttons in Walthamstow (The button shop I believe) it was clearly fate and last week I sat down to cut out and sew the shorts. Easy non?
Have ALL the gingham!
No. I think I sewed the button holes a billion times, first they were too far from the edge, then I sewed them onto the back instead of the front. Finally I got them right enough that I wasn’t going to be too bothered by them but I was about ready to scream at this point.

Weirdly my machine, with its one shot button hole maker and stop and start button decided to make one of the holes too small…I have no idea why it did this, sewing machine gremlins I assume. I had to cut past the end and hand-sew it up, which took me less than three minutes so not really a big deal.

It was my first time using bias binding as well and I think I could have done with thicker binding but this looks fine so I’m not going to fret about it. I probably should have looked up some more comprehensive tutorials on sewing bias binding because I got it into my head that you don’t see any stitching on the right side and as I then found out when watching The Great British Sewing Bee you totally can…I know, I’m daft.

I hand stitched the back of the bias tape and it wasn't a huge amount but it would have been so much quicker if I had read a goddamn tutorial. I am le genius.

Anyway my only other problem was sewing the back waistband, I attached the robot fabric no problem and then attached the gingham inside and sewing it up it shifted and looked crap and I have no clue why because my toile sewed together with no problems so I can only assume sewing machine gremlins again. At least until I figure out what went wrong.

Fit wise they’re comfy, slightly looser at the waist band than I would have preferred but as I enjoy my food I can see these being good after a big meal, huzzah!

I forgot to take pics of the back...well done brain. Also I'm sorry for the pics, Cal did a great job but I guess I'm having a bad day and I seriously thought I was smiling. Truthfully the whole unemployment thing is really getting to me and I am having trouble being upbeat and positive. Why bother sewing when all I wear most days is pajamas. Okay, big deep breath, time to stop whining! I'm going to get a job and be happy and stuff!

So that’s it my friends, the convoluted adventures of sewing shorts in winter.

Have sewing machine gremlins bothered you this week?

Are you sewing something less than weather appropriate?

Does anybody have a clue why my waist band went mental?



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