Sunday, 15 February 2015

In which Pam makes out like a space bandito.

Yesterday I finally got to go to Walthamstow market. I didn't have a huge amount of cash to spend as ya know, unemployed, but Dad had given me £50 (I spent ten earlier on sheets for makes toiles) and Cal gave me £15 but I knew I was going to get a lot of bang for my buck.

I only bought fabric from The Guy Outside Sainbury's (TGOS) who Karen is fairly determined to make husband number two, after meeting him I can't say I blame her, he was lovely, knowledgeable and oh my god the fabric choices! So before I go on, first to Karen THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Without you I'd not have known about this fabric heaven. (Not that you read my blog but still I can dream can't I?)

Anyway like my title says I made out like a space bandito and bought 8 different fabrics. It totaled around 18 metres of fabric. Huzzah! Even better it cost me £53. In December I bought 6 metres of fabric that cost me nearly £25 online. You can see why I'm pleased.

The purple has a subtle gold coloured flower print on it, it's a silk mix and drapes beautifully, it's just gorgeous, I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to make, possibly this dress.
Picture from Burda Style website. 
Probably without the ruffle because I'm boobylicious and ruffles and large tatty bojangles don't mix well. I think it will look lovely in the silk mix and will be gorgeous to wear in the summer and in winter with tights and a cardigan.

The middle and end fabrics I have no idea what they are, other than really pretty. The middle one I'm going to make a kimono top, I have a pattern I got in a sewing magazine ages ago and I've been wanting to make one but couldn't find a fabric that didn't cost a million pounds and my first born (jokes on them, I don't even have a first born!). I'm imagining a silky pussy bow blouse, something classy but will look great with jeans.

The purple gold fabric is apparently a Liberty print, I don't know anything about those prints except that TGOS told me this is what it is and I have no reason to not believe him, anyway this was my most expensive fabric at £5 a metre and I bought 2 metres (I didn't ask for any of the prices because I'm an idiot and I was really lucky that I had the money when he tallied it all up). 

I'm thinking a sleeveless shirt dress, I bought some buttons to go with it and it should look very sweet.

The middle fabric is a seriously cute elephant print, cotton I believe, I bought a metre and it will be a really cute blouse, either sleeveless or maybe little cap sleeves.

Knits. The end is a double knit and the two others are mixes of stuff he did tell me but I have the memory of a paper bird and don't remember. I have a pattern somewhere for a wrap dress and a cute dress I got from a magazine and looks a bit like a Coco but isn't. I'm thinking the red will make a lovely wrap dress and as I bought 3 metres a cardigan as well. Can you believe I don't own a bright red cardigan? I know, it's insane. This can be remedied though, huzzah!

I bought two metres of every fabric except the elephant and three each of the knits (at 2 quid a metre, I couldn't not buy three metres each). Cal then was a gentleman and carried it around for me because man those knits are heavy.

I also bought zips, buttons and bias tape but they're not photographed.

We ate at My Old Dutch, a fabulous pancake place in Holbourn (There are others in Kensington and Chelsea as well) I had a huuuge pancake with berry compote and ice cream. When I say huge I mean huge, the plates take up half the table (totally not exaggerating either). I rounded it off with a double shot nutella milkshake which was as delicious as you might expect.

When we got home some fabric and bias tape I'd ordered had finally arrived (it took a week and I'm really impatient). 

Polycotton blend, cheap as chips and gingham bias tape to use on the shorts I'm making with this fabric...

So all in all a good day was had by all and today is my sixth anniversary which Cal and I celebrated yesterday because fuck valentines day and all that jazz.



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