Tuesday, 3 February 2015

I mustache you a question?

As soon as I saw this fabric I knew it was going to be a part of my second Megan dress.

It had everything I ever wanted in a fabric, it was one of my colours (blue) and it wasn't boring. Pairing it with my very favourite colour was an obvious next step.

Those were some really fascinating bird feeders, honest.
I wanted to try something different with this dress and so I drafted (badly) my first ever Peter Pan collar. It was wonky and took some creative stitching to look even. Still I'm proud of it.

Maybe I need a belt with this, the ladies make the front balloon out a bit.
I also added a strip of the mustache fabric to the sleeves to balance it out. As you can see I have pockets. I love pockets. I took in the sides quite a bit as I didn't think to measure myself and cut a straight 4, turns out I could have cut a 2 on the waist and a 3 on the hips and now I know how to do a FBA I might have gotten away with a 2 on the bust. Who knew I would lose so many inches without doing anything?

I don't love my face in these photos. I think for the next shoot I'll wear a balaclava.

Warmest cardigan ever!
I paired it with my favourite winter cardigan, a voluminous fleece lined hooded beast I got on ebay from a Japanese/Korean/Chinese clothing store, I think it cost me less than a tenner. I love Asian clothing and being tiny it fits me better than most western clothing brands, go figure. I say it's fleece lined the lining feels more like faux fur, find your nearest cat and stroke its belly and that's what it feels like. It's glorious! Also while you're fussing the nearest cat thank me for enabling the belly fluff love. Man I miss my cats.

I think I was going for pensive, I look hungry though.
The collar actually looks pretty good if I do say so myself. I'd pat myself on the back but my shoulders ache and I'm as flexible as a stick insect. The lovely necklace is vintage and belonged to my Step-Grandma Bertha. Step-Mike had no children until he married Mum and I came along as a package deal so when I went to stay for a few days for the funeral he found me two patterns (Bertha was a big lady so they will need downsizing) and a load of her jewellery, score! I particularly love this necklace, a few rings and a brooch that will be paired with a dress I'm making, so you'll see it soon.

Future MIL suggested I get the garnet ring resized to fit and I might just do that, great suggestion H!

Cal and I are planning a visit to Walthamstow Market on Feb 14th, I know fabric shopping is so romantic, Dad gave me £50 to spend on fabric and where else can I get as much bang for my buck? I can't wait because I'm running out of useable fabric. Fear not people who actually read this blog I have about four new items still to show you plus I do have two skirts I made many moons ago (maybe four and a half years ago) that I still wear so I won't run out of stuff to talk about just yet.

I leave you with this final picture, I look like I'm doing the time warp...what can I say, it's just a jump to the left.

Let's do the time warp again!



P.S the fabric was bought from MyFabricsUK  I totally recommend them!

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