Sunday, 11 January 2015

Oh Life...

Christmas and New Year happened and I got some really awesome stuff (some sewing related). I also got enough money for Christmas to buy the Janome SMD3000.

Then the woman who was like a grandma to me died and a week later Cal's Nana died. I have been sewing but it's not easy to post images of what I've done because everything has been very topsy turvy.

So I'll start at the beginning. The dress. A second Megan dress by Tilly and the Buttons. This one fit much better and looks amazing on, so comfortable, I've worn it three times since I finished it on Christmas Eve and I just love it. I made a fair number of mistakes when sewing it because I tend to rush stuff and don't double check what I'm doing. I need to learn to slow down and triple check before I sew. (I'll post a pic of the dress asap)

For Christmas I received The Sewtionary and Feminine Wardrobe from my in-laws. I've read them both a few times now and I love them both.

My best friend then bought me Half Yard Heaven by Debbie Shore. It's filled with totally cute stuff I can't wait to make and the thing I love is that anything requiring templates it shows you how to draw them yourself using plates and rulers etc. Really clever. Plus I love Debbie's youtube vlog and she shows you how to make some really amazing items. The colours she uses are super girly but all you need to do is choose fabric more to your liking and BAM the jobs a good'un.

So onto my review of the Janome SMD3000.

I love it. The first thing I noticed is how heavy it is compared to my little Singer Tradition 2050. Somehow in my mind that equates to sturdiness and power (bigger motor? I don't know) but it's just a really sturdy beast. It has two separate plugs for power and the foot peddle so no more awkward double wire thing. The foot peddle is metal and heavy and screams "I can take your abuse" so I'm not worried about it being knocked.

It has an automatic needle threader which is so cool. Okay it would be quicker for me to thread the needle myself but who doesn't want to play with a cool toy?

Speed settings, this came in really handy the other day when I was sewing a collar and I needed control, I lowered the speed and didn't have to worry about accidentally shooting off and wrecking my work. I haven't put it up to top speed yet and I'm not sure I ever will unless I'm sewing a huge straight line, for curves the slower speed means I have much better control. I've been sewing for years and have decent control but I can really appreciate not having to fuss about with getting the speed right.

It's quiet. I always thought my Singer was a quiet machine compared to the Brother machine I bought years ago which I really hated and lasted a year before I gave up and got a new one. The Janome purrs, no clunking, it's fabulous.

I haven't tested layers yet but it went through about four layers with no difficulty so I'm confident it can take whatever I throw at it.

Obviously I've not done a huge amount of sewing on it but so far I'm enjoying using it and only feel a little bit guilty about replacing my Singer (I can't be the only person who gets emotionally attached to inanimate objects?).

Anyway that's me caught up and I promise to post pics of my dress as soon as I can.



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