Tuesday, 16 December 2014

I present to you, the Megan dress!

It's been a while...okay not that long in the grand scheme of things but things at PamSews HQ have been annoying. Cal's work hours (4am to 11am) have me exhausted as for some unknown reason I can't sleep until Cal gets up at 3am. So last week was spent in a daze. No sewing was going to happen when I couldn't remember my own name.

Finally though I got stuff done, Cal's hours are still pants but I must be adjusting to it. I finished the dress yesterday but needed better light to take pictures.


It didn't look like it needed ironing until these pics were taken. Go figure.


I don't pose well. I am not Britains Next Top Model.


Pam and hidden zips are not friends.

I don't know why these pictures look blurry. The problem is they show up tiny and I have to enlarge it but then it goes fuzzy. Might have to figure out a new way to add images to my blog posts.

Thanks to Cal for taking the pictures, he's a star...also he knows how to use the camera better than I do.

This is the Megan dress from Tilly's Love at First Stitch.

So, what do I think of the pattern? In short it's excellent. This was the first time I'd used copy paper/carbon paper to copy a pattern onto fabric and it was awkward but I got used to it. At some point I want to buy tracing paper because that's got to be even easier and I'm all for making things easy for myself.

Tilly's instructions are fantastic, very clear and she includes pictures so there's really no confusion. The dress is a simple make, it sews up beautifully and other than my battle with the hidden zipper I didn't have any major problems that weren't due to my own screw ups.

So what screw ups did I do? I sewed the sleeve in inside out, I didn't match up the darts, and then there's this beauty.


I don't have an overlocker so was diligently zig zag stitching the seams when I sewed a part of the sleeve to the seam. I unpicked it and wasn't careful enough because I ripped a hole in the sleeve. I don't have any of this fabric left. So as I do have some red left I'm going to at some point rip the sleeves out and insert red sleeves. I felt like banging my head against a wall. A lot.

Other than that the dress is comfortable and I look forward to wearing it, for now I'll be wearing it with cardigans so I can avoid dealing with the sleeves until later.

What am I working on next? Another Megan dress. I have some really cute fabric that I'm going to sew into a really cute Megan dress to wear on Christmas Day.

So this is my first item of clothing on my new blog. Here's to new beginnings.



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