Thursday, 4 December 2014

I am alive I promise.

So a series of random events prevented me from doing much sewing or blogging.

First I sewed for four hours on my Megan dress (from Tilly's Love at First Stitch) and everything was going swimmingly (More on that when it's finished and I can show it off) until I realised I had ordered the wrong sized zip. This was pretty dumb of me but it happens...okay I ordered a 22cm zip instead of a 22inch zip, yes I know, pretty daft of me. So I ordered some more zips and some fabric and the zips arrived today, correct length, wrong type of zip. I double checked my order and I had ordered the right zips, obviously someone where I ordered had made a mistake.

I'm going to be honest here, I ordered from Oh Sew Crafty and despite this little hiccup I do recommend them. I contacted them and got a reply in less than five minutes promising me my new zips. Great customer service!

The fabric I ordered is currently in the washing machine (I know, I'm being so sensible in washing and drying fabric like a big grown up girl) but it's lovely and I look forward to using it (I already know what I'm making and you guys will see when it happens).

So what else prevented me from sewing? I caught a cold. I didn't fancy trying to sew when I was hacking up a lung and still being relatively new to sewing clothes I didn't want to risk it.

Yesterday though I almost finished a skirt. I also found out that inserting a concealed zip when you don't have a concealed zip foot is hard. It's kind of concealed but it's a bit like when you play hide and seek with a kid and they hide behind a tree but you can see them sticking out. Mostly hidden but still there. Anyone got any tips on inserting a concealed zip without a concealed zip foot? (at least until I get around to buying one for my machine).

Today I shall sew, but right now I need another cup of tea.



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