Tuesday, 25 November 2014

It lives!

So my earlier post about my sewing machine being in a sewing machine coma was apparently wrong. It turned out the lower bobbin tension was off. Five minutes of fiddling about with a screw driver and it works like a charm. Huzzah!

I'm still going to save for a new machine, this one most likely. Cal did my research for me (he's my gorgeous nerd) and found this had excellent reviews at a good price. It's not a top end model like Tilly would use but I gather it is a mid range but at the higher end of the mid range (if that makes sense).

The fact it comes with 50 spools of thread is also pretty sweet, in my defence I would have gone for this even if it didn't give me a free gift (though I am a sucker for free gifts).

It means I can finally get on with sewing and make this blog an actual sewing blog instead of a Pam awkwardly waffling on about possibly sewing. I can totally hear the three people who read this blog (thanks guys) cheering.

Which reminds me, who are you? Where do you live? I really want to know who has taken a few minutes to have a look.IMG_8979

Some of my favourite patterns.

Now I did say I would show you some of my favourite patterns and as you can see, I have quite a few. Including one from 2010 which is not what I'd call vintage but it's still really cute.


Those skirts are just adorable! 


They aren't quite shirt dresses but very close and could probably be adapted.


Sailor collar on a cute dress, I'm sold!


I'm swooning over how darn cute these dresses are!

So there ya go, some totally swoonsome dresses and skirts, all I need is a few cute tops and trousers and I'd be all set. (There were some tops and trousers amongst my haul but apparently I'm in a skirt and dress mood today)

So what do you think, what was your favourite?

Also just for giggles, this 80s beauty.


Holy smock dress Batman!



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