Thursday, 20 November 2014

Hello World!

So I had everything set up to start sewing, I had fabric, an awesome pattern and plenty of free time. Then the timing on my machine went. Being unemployed I can't afford to fix it (of course) so my dad has kindly offered to pay for it as a Christmas gift. The thing is this happened right about the time I decided I really could do with upgrading my machine to something more powerful. I currently have a Singer Tradition and it's a great little machine but try sewing anything too thick and the motor sounds like an enraged Wookie.

So I looked around and found a Janome with good reviews. Then my man looked around and found a Janome that is the exact same model with a few less stitches for £270 as opposed to £319. He's a tech nerd so this sort of research comes naturally to him. I'm a historian, I research but knowing fun facts about the regency period doesn't help me buy a sewing machine.

So my plan is to save the money my lovely dad gives me and eventually get a new machine. Then, I will get my Singer fixed and keep it as a spare. Until then my MIL has a gorgeous Singer dating 1962 (I'll take pictures, it's stunning) and hopefully she will let me borrow it and I'll be able to put some sewing on my sewing blog.

I do have a pattern I bought (vintage) on ebay to show you. I've been reading sewing blogs and coveting all of their beautiful patterns so I went a bit wild (I received a tax back from my last job which does help me with some of my sewing purchases) and my first one came in this morning. It's a Style Print 1543, panel flared skirt added to pleated or plain bodice (very swoonsome).


Dated around 1950/60s. If anyone knows the exact date let me know please.


I apologise for the slight blur, I need new glasses and hate using autofocus...we'll just call my photography arty and pretend it was deliberate.

So this sewing blog for now may be less sewing more gushing over fabric and patterns, but I'm sure we can handle that (I promise you I can sew).

So tell me, has your machine ever stopped working at inconvenient times?

xoxo Pam

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